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BarMD Core 

Select this program to get everything you need to prepare for sitting for the California Attorneys’ Exam or the California Bar Exam, but you already have an MBE Program.

BarMD Core + MBE

Select this program to get everything you need to prepare for the California Bar Exam PLUS a structured MBE program with daily assignments, substantive law, and every available released NCBE MBE question
Detailed Daily Study Schedule
Know what you need to do every day to prepare for the upcoming bar exam. Included are  70,  90, 120, 150, and 180 day course schedule options, so you can stretch out your studying or take a more intense approach. Either way, you are set up for success.
Mastering Essays Course
Learn how to master bar Exam Essays in this course where we will provide subject overviews for every subject, two essays taught, plus access to our database of all past essays taught live covering a broad array of topics in every subject. The course includes eight classes covering each subject tested, each approximately 3 hours long. Access is to recorded lectures through exam.
Mastering the PT Course
In our Mastering the PT course, you will learn how to approach every type of PT the bar examiners may throw at you. Included is a step by step breakdown of multiple 90-minute objective and persuasive Performance Tests along with a drills class and a class addressing particularly difficult and odd PT Tasks. The course includes five classes, each approximately 3 hours long. Access is to recorded lectures through exam.
Detailed Outlines for Every Subject
Detailed Outlines for Every Subject written for the essays, without all the extraneous information needed for the MBE. Bar takers repeatedly tell us how much easier our outlines are to read than other outlines.
Barology 101
First, we’ll take you inside the mind of the bar grader—and walk you through exactly how the bar exam is graded and what the bar exam score actually means. This is crucial: when you know how a bar grader thinks, you’re certain to get more points. Then, we’ll show you how to arm yourself with every tool possible. Never outlined before? No problem, we’ll show you how. Don’t know how you’ll memorize all that information? We’ve got you covered. Day 1 starts you off on the right foot, so you cross that finish line.
Essay Anatomy Lecture
No, you can’t just read a fact pattern and write an essay. You must know what goes where and how to plan it out before you start writing. Like everything else, a well-planned essay is a strong essay. This class gives you the template you need to make sure the bar grader sees every single point you deserve. It also ensures you hit every goal, use every fact, and spot every issue.
Essay Analysis Lecture
What is an inference and why does it matter? How do I actually show the bar examiner that I know what the law is and how to apply it? We break these and other questions down and teach you the formula for success. By the end of class, you’ll be scoring higher on every practice essay and the bar exam itself.
BarMD Final Forecast
In our widely popular final forecast lecture, join BarMD Founder, Maureen MacManus, in reviewing all of the frequently tested issues, issues more likely to be tested on the upcoming exam, practice skills in making up rules and what to do when you’re running out of time, and leave with a packet of essays to issue spot over the last two weeks before the bar exam.
Mastering the MBE Lecture
In this class, we take apart MBE questions piece-by-piece. You’ll learn all the best rules of thumb – so even if you’re not sure on a questions, you’ll have plenty of ways to reach the right answer. But we don’t stop there: we also teach you to thoughtfully assess your MBE progress, to ensure you’re improving every day.
MBE DNA Course
With our MBE study course, you’re fully equipped to understand, practice, and master the MBE. We break down every subject into subtopics, have you review the black letter law flashcards, and then complete MBE questions testing you on those subtopics to teach you how different issues are tested. Includes our in-depth mastering the MBE lecture, and 7 lectures dissecting questions in each subject with a daily study schedule so you know what to do every day instead of just completing random questions.
MBE DNA Platform
With our online platform containing all of the black letter law flashcards, MBE assignments, and analytics tracking along, know the precise topics in which you need to improve. Don’t just do more torts questions, target your exact weaknesses in products liability or landowner duties.

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Proven add ons to personalize your prescription to PASS
The Best CA Bar Essays Book
Templates for every topic tested on the CA Bar in every subject with notes on how to write your analysis, where you can save time, and how to strategically approach the CA Bar Essays.
The Best Performance Test Book | CA Edition
This is the ultimate book to prepare you for the California Bar Exam Performance Test. Whether you are two weeks away from the bar exam or two years away, this book is your guide to walk you step-by-step through how to write a passing Performance Test and how to level up your performance to absolutely crush the PT.
Join Workshops and Lectures Live
If you want to get in on the live workshop action for the essays and PTs, you can add on this feature.
Graded Assignments
Get detailed, written feedback on essays and performance tests! Our faculty dissects every word you write, then tells you precisely how to improve your writing. No more of that generic, copy-and-paste, two-comments-per-essay nonsense. With BarMD, you get substantial feedback. Make lasting changes and collect clever takeaways as you learn from our grading of your practice essays + PTs
3 Graded Assignments: $375
5 Graded Assignments: $625
Graded Mock Exam (No MBE)
This mock exam contains five essays and a Performance Test, all of which will be graded with a score and written feedback with guidance on preparing for the upcoming February 2024 California Bar Exam.
*No MBE portion offered with this mock exam.
You will self-proctor the exam and complete it under exam conditions (i.e., closed note and timed) and submit it for grading and receive your written feedback within one week.
Gain the confidence, strategy, and insights you need. Working closely with our experts, you get a personalized approach to help you succeed on any and all aspects of the Bar Exam. All tutoring sessions are 45 minutes, on zoom.
Sold in packages of 5 sessions for $999.
Our essay platform organizing all essays by topic so you can ensure you aren’t just blindly doing Con Law essays or Torts Essays. Know that you are covering all the topics within each subject with EssayRx.

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