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Our instructors are experienced law school professors, proven private tutors, and now faculty of one of the best-reviewed bar prep courses in California.

The BarMD Guarantee

We want all of our students to pass. But things happen. That’s why we offer the BarMD Guarantee:

If you complete our course and don’t pass, you get to take it again for free. That way, next time, you go in even stronger than before.

* Applies to the following courses: Bar Review, Bar Review + MBE, Mastering the CA Performance Test, Mastering the CA Essays, Mastering the MPT, Mastering the MEE. You receive one free repeat of the same course. Please note, this does not apply to tutoring or graded assignments.

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Meet Our President + CEO

Maureen Macmanus

Maureen D. MacManus, Esq.

President + CEO | Director of Academics

Professor MacManus has spent her life tutoring students, beginning in elementary school. After law school, she continued to volunteer as a USD teaching assistant for Advanced Legal Writing and privately tutored students who had failed the California Bar Exam, diagnosing writing weaknesses and helping students develop their writing skills.
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Praise for BarMD

“From answering micro questions about precise areas of legal doctrine to helping me with the logistical issue of studying – she was there every step of the way. She kept me focused and helped me to continuously progress (perhaps most importantly she helped to keep me sane).”

Angelo R. (now Esq.)

Sharpen your skills with BarMD.

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