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Holistic law school & bar exam preparation that’s tailored to you.

In Southern California, our bar exam classroom course—as well as our one-on-one law school and bar exam tutoring—helps you identify and overcome any obstacles to becoming an attorney. Are you outside Southern California? We grade online law school and bar writing across the nation.

Are things like test anxiety or time management stopping you from practicing law?

To help you reach your full potential, we go beyond the substance and technique of the bar exam and law school writing. When you see and understand external factors that hinder your success, you can substantially improve. Our experienced staff is trained to identify and manage these common issues.

Succeed with the BarMD Difference.

Diagnosis & Learning Plans

Before we tutor you, you’ll complete a diagnostic exam and survey. As you work with us, we’ll utilize these benchmarks to guarantee that you’re making headway in the areas that need improvement—and polishing your current strengths.

Individualized Attention

You’re unique, and the feedback you receive should be too. With detailed comments, our graders address your performance on each essay. You’ll continually develop your skills, no matter what stage of learning you’re in. We’re here to help every student eventually write a perfect essay.

Detailed Grading

Our feedback is far more comprehensive than anything offered by big-box prep companies. Real graders spend real time on your essay. We identify each success and each area needing improvement. Then, we tell you exactly how to improve.


BarMD’s Bar Exam Guarantee

We want all of our students to pass. But things happen. That’s why we offer the bar exam guarantee: If you don’t pass, you’ll get to take the classroom course again for free and get discounted rates on graded essays and one-on-one tutoring. That way, next time, you’ll go in even stronger than before.

Trying to pass the bar?

“I took the California bar exam three times before trying BarMD’s method. It really opened my eyes. With other bar prep companies, I never got the individual attention I needed to address my problems. I had no idea that I wasn’t using facts correctly or that I was losing points—for material I had actually included in my essays—because my structure needed help. For the first time, after the most recent bar exam, I left feeling like I had a solid chance of passing.”

— Brian D.


Striving to succeed in law school?

“I was having trouble in law school, mostly with learning how to absorb and organize all the information. I also needed help with my writing. I worked every week with a BarMD tutor and things really turned around. We got my writing sample in such great shape that I got my dream summer internship. And I felt way more comfortable going into my final exams. My tutor was so great, I’m already planning to sign up for BarMD’s bar exam course when I graduate in two years.”

— C. K.


Discover what you need to succeed.

With our free bar exam writing diagnosis, you’ll uncover where you need to improve and which existing strengths you can refine. Let’s find out where you’re starting so we can guide you to success.
Work with real people. Get real results.