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Our bar exam classroom course—as well as our one-on-one law school and bar exam tutoring—helps you identify and overcome any obstacles to becoming an attorney in California. Across the nation, we grade law school writing, evaluate bar essays, and provide law school admissions coaching.

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Are test anxiety, self-doubt, or “not-the-best” time management stopping you from practicing law?

To help you reach your full potential, we go beyond the substance & technique of writing—whether you’re applying to law school or composing bar exam essays. When you see and understand external factors—like freezing during a test—that hinder your success, you can substantially improve. Our experienced staff is trained to identify and manage common obstacles to a future in law.

Thrive with the BarMD Difference.

Diagnosis for Exam Courses

Before we start a course with you, you’ll complete a diagnostic exam and survey. As you work with us, we’ll utilize these benchmarks to guarantee that you’re making headway in the areas that need improvement—and polishing your current strengths.

Individualized Attention

You’re unique, and the feedback you receive should be too. With detailed comments and a real rapport, our staff addresses your performance on each essay, component of an application, or multiple-choice question. You’ll continually grow, no matter your current skill level. We’re here to help every student eventually write a perfect essay.

Detailed Grading

Our feedback is far more comprehensive than anything big-box prep companies offer. Real attorneys spend real time on your essays. We identify each success + each area needing improvement. Then, we tell you exactly how to fix it.


Discover what you need to succeed—for free.

With our free diagnoses, you uncover where you need to improve and which existing strengths you can refine. Let’s find out where you’re starting so we can guide you to your goal.

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BarMD’s Exam Guarantee

We want all of our students to pass. But things happen. That’s why we offer a CA Bar + Attorneys’ Exam Guarantee: If you don’t pass, you’ll get to take the classroom course again for free and get discounted rates on graded essays and one-on-one tutoring. That way, next time, you’ll go in even stronger than before.

NEW! Get into law school.

Applying to law school is often stressful. If you need help starting, polishing, or overhauling your application, then our experienced Admissions Consultants are at your service, nationwide.

“We’re dedicated to our students’ well-being, keen attention to detail, and each one’s ultimate success as an attorney.”

— David Greco, Esq., CEO @ BarMD


Make the grade during law school.

We help you get everything on track. When you work with our team in SoCal, you achieve what you always knew you could.

“I was having trouble in law school, mostly with learning how to absorb and organize all the information. I also needed help with my writing. I worked every week with a BarMD tutor and things really turned around.

— C. K.


Pass the CA Bar Exam—even if you’ve failed before.

Dispel your self-doubt and disappointment. Whether you take our course or one-on-one tutoring, you feel confident when you sit for the bar. Our 100% pass rate speaks for itself.

“I wish I knew about BarMD the first time I took the bar. I walked out of the February test feeling 1,000x more confident than I did in July. After experiencing Barbri and BarMD, Barbri is a waste of money, and I wish I just did your course first.”

— Brendan R.


NEW! Master the CA Attorneys’ Exam.

Sit down for the California Attorneys’ Exam knowing that you can argue the right things at the right times. Essay-writing becomes quick, logical, and fine-tuned when you take our San Diego classroom course or tutoring.

“Regardless of a student’s current skill level, our Bar Physicians come to the rescue and help him or her write a strong essay—so they can pass.”

— Maureen MacManus, Esq., President @ BarMD


Ready to end the frustration?

With BarMD, you gain a real support system that’s personal. Our staff are real attorneys who offer the right advice and get to know you. That way, you can get real results.

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