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Praise for BarMD

“They will answer your emails before you are done typing, they will rip apart your essays and build you up to be the best writer California has ever seen, and you will walk in not even feeling all that nervous. I have never bragged about a company so much in my life, so I wouldn’t waste time if I didn’t mean it. This course will change your life.”

Monique R. (now Esq.)

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CA Bar Prep Courses

Unlock a pass with BarMD. Select the level of intensity you need—Light, Classic, or Extreme—for our CA Bar Review. Or focus only on California essays, the MBE, or PTs in our dedicated courses.

We’re happy to help you choose the best program for you. Chat with us, call us, or send an email.

CA Bar ReviewPT CourseMBE CourseCA Essays Course

UBE Courses

Open the door to better results with our performance test workshop series, which teaches you the precise steps to composing a perfect PT—even while taking the bar online.

California Bar + UBE test-takers develop their distractor- and issue-spotting with our revolutionary Multistate Bar Exam program, MBE DNA.

MPT CourseMBE Course

Graded Writing

Whether you’re studying for the CA Bar Exam or UBE, our experts provide in-depth feedback on your PTs + essays.

Understand what you’re missing—and start seeing your writing through a bar grader’s eyes.

Graded Writing

Hourly Tutoring

Working with our faculty one-on-one, you gain an ultra-personalized roadmap to passing the bar.

You can focus on bar essays, performance tests, the MBE, or overarching text-taking strategies for conquering the CA Bar or UBE.


The BarMD Guarantee

We want all of our students to pass. But things happen. That’s why we offer the BarMD Guarantee for our CA Bar Review, as well as our Attorneys’ Exam Course for licensed attorneys wishing to practice law in California:

If you complete our course and don’t pass, you get to take it again for free. That way, next time, you go in even stronger than before.


Praise for BarMD

I took BarMD after using two other commercial bar prep programs, and they didn't hold a candle to BarMD!!! I passed the Bar finally with the help of my amazing BarMD tutor, and I couldn't have done it without them!- Brittney G. (now Esq.)
I passed the Attorneys' Exam on the first try with BarMD's self-guided ``light`` course option. I used Kaplan (I think) to pass the UBE in Washington State back in 2014, and I preferred the experience with BarMD. Would recommend. Thank you to Maureen and her wonderful staff!!- Keith D.
Maureen's performance test and essay courses make bar preparation a thousand times easier and I would recommend both in less than a heartbeat. This is THE shortcut if it ever existed.- Charlie L.
The most essential course for the California Bar Exam!! Maureen taught me how to complete a Performance Test on time, efficiently and systematically. Her technique is fool proof and straight forward. before I started the course I couldn't finish a PT in less than 2.5 hours, by the time I finished the course I could finish with time to spare!!! Absolutely recommend this class for anyone taking the Bar in any state!!!! I passed the first time as a foreign student and I'm sure it was thanks to Bar MD!- Hila V.
Maureen is so wonderful. If you need someone to assist you on this very frightful journey, Maureen is the go-to person. I learned so much from her about what is needed to be successful on the California Bar Exam. When you sign up with Maureen you are assigned a personal mentor who assist you further through the process. The workshops are valuable and worth every penny. Thank you Bar MD. Hats off to you and your company.- Melissa Hall Esq. (First time passer)
Maureen was a great source of guidance and support while I was studying for the Bar Exam. Maureen knows the bar exam well, and she knows how to redirect your approach and focus by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. BarMD's Performance Test program is amazing and provides a solid approach to the PT. BarMD will help you feel more confident going into the bar exam. I'm very thankful for Maureen and BarMD!- Claudia M.

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