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100% of BarMD’s students have passed after taking the course only once.

Remedy any issues that hinder bar exam and law school success with our one-on-one tutoring, thorough essay grading, and a focused classroom course.

How detailed are we?

We correct your writing with an unparalleled amount of care. From large-scale structural mistakes to small-scale word mix-ups, we’ve got you covered. To give you an idea, we give you feedback on:

Word Choice

Sentence Structure


And Much More

BarMD’s Bar Exam Guarantee

We want all of our students to pass. But things happen. That’s why we offer the bar exam guarantee: If you don’t pass, you’ll get to take the classroom course again for free and get discounted rates on graded essays and one-on-one tutoring. That way, next time, you’ll go in even stronger than before.

Our Seasoned Faculty

David G. Greco, Esq.

CEO | In-house Counsel | Faculty

During law school, Professor Greco served as a teaching assistant for Civil Procedure I and Advanced Legal Writing, his school’s most rigorous writing course, in which he earned a High Honors designation and its Best Writing award. Greco continued as a volunteer writing teaching assistant after graduation and became a private tutor for bar examinees and law students. Learn More

Maureen D. MacManus, Esq.

Maureen D. MacManus, Esq.

President | Head of Academics

Professor MacManus has spent her life tutoring students, beginning in elementary school. After law school, she continued to volunteer as a USD teaching assistant for Advanced Legal Writing and privately tutored students who had failed the California Bar Exam, diagnosing writing weaknesses and helping students develop their writing skills. Learn More

Janice Sperow, Esq.

Janice Sperow, Esq.


Professor Janice Sperow is a former bar grader. Since 2007, she has served as an adjunct professor at the University of San Diego School of Law. She teaches Advanced Legal Writing & Analysis, a course she created as the first advanced legal writing course offered at USD. Sperow also privately tutors students, and every one of them has passed the California Bar. Learn More


``I swear, Janice Sperow has a trick for everything! She worked with me on my law school writing and the difference is astonishing. Instead of just telling me ‘this is wrong,’ Janice tells me what's wrong and how to fix it. It's invaluable. Her individualized attention to my specific needs made all the difference. In fact, I value Janice's teaching so much, I became her teaching assistant.``- Mandy L.
``I took the California bar exam three times before trying BarMD’s method. It really opened my eyes. With other bar prep companies, I never got the individual attention I needed to address my problems. I had no idea that I wasn’t using facts correctly or that I was losing points—for material I had actually included in my essays—because my structure needed help. For the first time, after the most recent bar exam, I left feeling like I had a solid chance of passing. It was truly different.``- Brian D.
``I was having trouble in law school, mostly with learning how to absorb and organize all the information. I also needed help with my writing. I worked every week with a BarMD tutor and things really turned around. We got my writing sample in such great shape that I got my dream summer internship. And I felt way more comfortable going into my final exams. My tutor was so great, I’m already planning to sign up for BarMD’s bar exam course when I graduate in two years.``- C. K.
``I have so many positive things to say about Janice Sperow. I got my job because of how she taught me to write.When I applied to my job, I had to do an on-the-spot writing test. My sample was the best, and I've been working at the firm ever since. I feel confident writing client-ready documents because of her. My supervising attorneys rarely have substantive edits on my work. Plus, Janice offers the best kind of tough love. She doesn't sugar coat the things that you need improvement on, but she shouts from the rooftops when you make progress.``- Stephanie S.
``Professor Sperow offered guidance on both a micro and macro level, being sure to emphasize the details while also providing advice on study strategies for approaching the exam as a whole. I found her incredibly thorough feedback for my essays and PTs to be especially valuable, as she dissected my writing sentence by sentence so I could recognize and learn from my errors. Most importantly, Professor Sperow was always encouraging and gave me confidence to go into the exam feeling prepared. Thanks to her expert tutoring, I passed the bar exam!``- Gabby S.
``I can say with utmost confidence that Professor Sperow will make you a better writer, thinker, and lawyer. Taking her class in law school helped me dominate the bar exam performance tests. Professor Sperow will teach you to ruthlessly discard irrelevant facts, quickly synthesize case law, and confidently craft your argument. Sperow blends insightful, usable class material with superb delivery that will help every student. Sperow toils and fights in the trenches alongside her students. No other professor works as hard as her. Not one.``- Nick K.
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