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BarMD provides students with the skills + confidence to pass the bar.

Remedy any issues that could prevent you from passing the UBE, California Bar, or CA Attorneys’ Exam. Strategize for success with our focused courses, thorough grading, resources for self-directed learning, and one-on-one tutoring.

Explore our toolbox of bar prep programs, and experience the BarMD Difference for yourself.


The BarMD Guarantee

We want all of our students to pass. But things happen. That’s why we offer the BarMD Guarantee:

If you complete our course and don’t pass, you get to take it again for free. That way, next time, you go in even stronger than before.

* Applies to the following courses: Bar Review, Bar Review + MBE, Mastering the CA Performance Test, Mastering the CA Essays, Mastering the MPT, Mastering the MEE. You receive one free repeat of the same course. Please note, this does not apply to tutoring or graded assignments.

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Why is BarMD Different?


Going beyond typical bar-prep techniques, we help students identify why they’re not getting the score they need. Once students understand the reason behind their mistakes, it’s much easier to fix them—and pass.

With BarMD, you discover exactly how to succeed. We show you not only what you’re doing incorrectly: We explain why this is the case and how to remedy the issue.

Personalized + Flexible

We believe in one-on-one attention—not the usual one-size-fits-all mentality. Our students choose from full course regimens, like our CA Bar Review, hourly tutoring packages, targeted workshop courses, and more self-directed options to meet their individual needs.

This flexibility, thanks to various options, means examinees requiring a tune-up in a particular area can get one, and others can select a comprehensive course—or something in between.


We help students dig into the details—without extraneous work or fluff. Our thoroughness also extends from our painstaking grading of PTs + essays to the rigorous creation of our courses.

With our range of programs, students can target exactly what they need to work on and master those skills. We listen closely and carefully analyze our prospective students’ needs and performance, so they choose the right BarMD offering.

Proven Experts

As bar examinees learn firsthand, there’s no substitute for repetition. But if you’re practicing the wrong technique, you may ingrain a habit that’s hurting your score. We combine winning strategies with sufficient practice, so students get on the fast track to passing.

At BarMD, our faculty comprises proven bar tutors + law school professors. Working with our team of Bar Exam Specialists, students tap into a wealth of wise test-taking tactics.

Get to know Maureen MacManus, Esq., our CEO + President.

How detailed are we?

So you can see your writing from a bar grader’s perspective, we correct your writing with an unparalleled amount of care. From large-scale structural mistakes to small-scale word mix-ups, we’ve got you covered. We give you feedback on:

Word Choice

Sentence Structure


Formatting + Much More

Praise for BarMD

“BarMD is a ‘prescription’ for success on the California Bar Exam! I studied for the February 2021 California Bar Exam for five weeks, primarily using BarMD course materials…

Our tutoring sessions never felt rushed and she made me feel valued, not only as a student, but as a person, which I greatly appreciated.

I’m elated to report I PASSED the February 2021 California Bar Exam!

In sum, I’m forever grateful I found Maureen, Rebecca, and the BarMD team. Thank you again BarMD!”

— Jenna B. (now Esq.)

“Bar-MD was just that – focused direction provided in a way that ensures retention. Maureen MacManus is as good as it gets, her clinic has likely enabled more passing candidates than any other service or study aid that I tried.

In fact, if embarking again on bar prep knowing what I know now, I would have skipped the Big Box bar prep packages that attempt to re-teach law school, and dive into Bar-MD as my sole source of bar preparation.

I cannot find the words (ever heard of anyone in this career path say that?) to convey my gratitude, for me, this program and Maureen MacManus made all of the difference.”

— Ro P. (now Esq.)

Know exactly how to conquer the bar.

Gain the confidence of knowing what you need to improve, why you’re not getting the score you want—and how to succeed. When you work with BarMD faculty, the path to passing becomes clear and attainable.

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