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91% of BarMD’s bar course students pass after completing the course.

Remedy any issues that hinder CA Bar + Attorneys’ Exam performance—as well as law school admission + academic success—with our one-on-one tutoring, thorough essay grading, and focused classroom courses.

How detailed are we?

We correct your writing with an unparalleled amount of care. From large-scale structural mistakes to small-scale word mix-ups, we’ve got you covered. To give you an idea, we give you feedback on:

Word Choice

Sentence Structure


And Much More

“Unlike the major bar prep companies or a skyped-in skills program, Maureen and David really get to know each and every one of their students on a personal level. BarMD offers custom assistance for whatever your individual struggles are.

Because of BarMD’s knowledge and hands-on approach I PASSED the February 2017 CA bar exam! This program is simply the best in the business! If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would.”

— Stephanie S. (now Esq.)

“I am so THANKFUL for Maureen and David! The approach was easy to understand and implement. They have formulas for writing, which helps me as I’m a logical math based thinker. The classes are exactly what you need without excess or wasted time. The essay feedback was invaluable.

BarMD cares about you as a person and helped when I was frustrated with round two of studying for the bar, Maureen always had a pep talk ready.”

— Jennifer K. (now Esq.)

BarMD’s Bar Exam Guarantee

We want all of our students to pass. But things happen. That’s why we offer the bar exam guarantee: If you don’t pass, you’ll get to take the classroom course again for free and get discounted rates on graded essays and one-on-one tutoring. That way, next time, you’ll go in even stronger than before.

Ready for real results?

Learn from experienced faculty who offer seasoned counsel—and really get to know you.

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