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Best Bar Essay Template Book: California Edition


The Best Bar Essays Book contains everything you need to know to pass any bar exam essay the bar examiners might throw at you. 

The Best Bar Exam Essay Book: CA Edition is a book with templates for addressing just about any issue in every subject tested on the CA Bar Exam. These are designed to show you the rules you need for each issue, the rules you can omit to save time, and fill-in-the-blank analysis paragraphs you can adopt to write passing bar answers. Plus, we included tips and tricks in footnotes addressing many of the issues we see students struggle with so you can learn from their mistakes rather than making those mistakes yourself. 

We wrote this book because we encountered so many smart students who knew a lot of black letter law who still struggled writing the requisite analysis in an organized manner within the allotted time given on the bar exam. This book is your solution, your guide, your trusty sidekick throughout bar prep. 

With these fill-in-the blank templates, you are on the fast-track to writing passing bar exam answers. 

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The Best Bar Essay Template Book: CA Edition is BarMD’s book detailing everything you need to know to write a perfectly structured and thoroughly analyzed bar exam essay for every topic tested on the California Bar Exam. This book is perfect for anyone studying for the Essay section of the California Bar Exam, great for those studying for either the California Bar Exam or the California Attorneys’ Exam.

The Best Bar Essay Template Book: CA Edition includes the following features:

  • Comprehensive Templates: Our book provides templates for writing every issue tested on the CA Bar Essays. You’ll also discover analysis templates that ensure you address every crucial element, setting you up for maximum points.
  • Topic-Specific Tips: Uncover the most frequent errors made by bar applicants and learn how to avoid them. Our expert guidance addresses each essay topic, equipping you with the knowledge to tackle even the trickiest subjects with confidence.
  • Deep Dive vs. Quick Analysis: Understand the difference between a deep dive into an issue and a quick analysis, enabling you to adapt your approach based on the specific question at hand.
  • Frequently Tested Issues: Gain an edge by familiarizing yourself with the frequently tested issues for each subject. You’ll be prepared for anything the exam throws at you.
  • Step-by-Step Approach: Follow our expertly laid-out breakdowns and learn how to approach any bar essay strategically. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from understanding the question to crafting a winning response.
  • Study Schedule Tips: Whether you’re working full time or studying full time, our book provides valuable insights on creating an effective study schedule tailored to your circumstances.
  • Rule Inclusion Guidelines: Know exactly when to include certain rules and when you can omit them. Our notes will help you streamline your essay and maximize your scoring potential.
  • Succinct Rule Statements: We’ve distilled complex legal concepts into concise and straightforward rule statements. Say goodbye to wordy explanations and hello to efficient, impactful writing.


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