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Mock Exam July 2024


See your writing through a bar grader’s eyes, so you can boost your score. 

Want to simulate the bar exam with essays and a performance test where you don’t know what subjects you are getting? BarMD offers a mock exam so you can re-create the anxiety of a real exam where you will surely get something unexpected, have to complete the exam under timed conditions, and endure the stress and exhaustion of Day One of the Bar Exam 

When you sign up for the BarMD Mock Exam, you will receive 5 essays and a performance test to write – all previously administered on the  Bar Exam, that is designed to be as difficult as a real bar exam. The Mock Exam is graded by one of BarMD’s seasoned faculty with tips tailored to you for your last weeks of preparation.

*No MBE portion offered with this mock exam.

You will self-proctor the exam and complete it under exam conditions (i.e., closed note and timed) and submit it for grading.  You will receive your written feedback within one week. Available for California and UBE states.

Sign up to receive a sample of our bar essay grading here.

July 2024 mock exam submission available July 1, due no later than July 7 11:59 pm

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