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MBE Minutiae


This class is for anyone aiming to improve their MBE score.

Taught by Maureen D. MacManus, Esq., Founder of BarMD, who has thoroughly reviewed and dissected every single available MBE question and includes the 200 most recently released MBE questions for your personal use.

In class one, we will dig into approaching MBE questions more strategically and how you can get the most out of every MBE question. Then, each class thereafter is dedicated to one subject, the more intricate challenges in that subject, traps to avoid, and tips and tricks that subject.

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All class sessions at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST

November 29 – Introduction + MBE Overview
December 5 – Civil Procedure
December 6 – Torts
December 13 – Contracts
December 20 – Property
January 10 – Evidence
January 17 – Criminal Law + Procedure
January 24 – Constitutional Law

Each class is 2 hours, all classes conducted live on zoom and recorded for repeated practice.