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MBE DNA Course



Make your MBE studying an active—not passive—process. With our MBE study course, you’re fully equipped to understand, practice, and master the MBE.

Because we break questions down into 7 topic categories, you learn how different subjects are tested—issue-spotting strategies included. You also master “distractors” (those enticing facts that test-writers use to throw you off the scent) and understand the answer-choice patterns—for every topic.

Includes in-depth online lectures, hardcopy flashcards, and books, which all work together to improve your MBE score pronto.

More than just MBE Flashcards.

Step up your score in a hurry with MBE DNA, our MBE prep course.

  • 1,500+ MBE questions by topic (with topic-specific strategies)
  • Hardcopy format flashcards
  • Proven MBE rules developed using real MBE questions
  • Revolutionary MBE journaling program—a BarMD exclusive
  • 1 comprehensive online video lecture on how to approach MBE questions
  • 7 rigorous online lectures that break down MBE questions step by step

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