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Mastering the Multistate Performance Test | Single Payment


Take the multistate performance test with confidence.

Prepare yourself for the multistate performance test, be ready for any performance test the bar examiners throw at you! This five-part workshop series will cover objective, persuasive, and oddball tasks. Plus, we’ll do a series of PT drills.

Every workshop session is taught live and recorded for your later review.

Customize how you study with new options:

Live Workshop Dates for the July 2023 Exam 

All classes 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST
Class 1: PT Approach, 5/27, 9 am EST
Class 2: Objective PT, 6/3, 9 am EST
Class 3: Persuasive PT, 6/17, 9 am EST
Class 4: Drills, 6/24, 9 am EST
Class 5: Odd Tasks, 7/1, 9 am EST

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