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Mastering the California PT | Recorded Lectures Pass


Take your online performance test with confidence.

Prepare yourself for any online performance test the bar examiners throw at you! In this five-part workshop series, we’ll cover objective, persuasive, and oddball tasks. Plus, we’ll do a series of PT drills.

Every workshop session is taught live and recorded for your later review.

“Maureen is the only Bar tutor I’ve come across who is both skilled enough, and brave enough, to actually go through a Performance Test, step-by-step, with her students instead of putting up a basic outline and providing generic feedback on a student’s final product. Maureen possesses the wisdom of a true educator because she’s able to meet students where they are and get them to where they need to be to succeed.” — Jenna B.

Taking the UBE? Click here for the Mastering the MPT course

Includes Recorded Workshops ONLY from the Following Dates:
All Classes 6-9 p.m. PST
Class 1: PT Approach – 12/8
Class 2: Objective Tasks – 12/22
Class 3: Persuasive Tasks – 1/12
Class 4: Other Tasks – 1/26
Class 5: PT Drills – 2/9

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