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Mastering Essays for the CA Bar Exam | Single Payment


Erase the uncertainty of an unfamiliar scenario—and tackle CA Bar Exam essays like a pro!

You can master every subject the bar examiners may send your way. We equip you to answer essay questions masterfully, despite the circumstances of an unfamiliar essay-writing exercise and taking the bar online.

Through our Mastering CA Bar Essays course, you gain comprehensive California Bar essay knowledge, developing both composition and issue-spotting in depth. The 8 sessions teach you everything you need to know, provide online-specific tactics for California’s essay portion, and help you feel confident.

Customize how you study with new options:

Live Workshop Dates for the July 2023 Exam 

All classes PST.
Session 1: Approach + Civ Pro, 5/28, 10 am PST
Session 2: Torts + Contracts, 6/1, 6 p.m. PST
Session 3: Property + Remedies, 6/4, 10 am PST
Session 4:  Evidence + Constitutional Law, 6/11, 10 am PST
Session 5: Crim + Crim Pro, 6/18, 10 am PST
Session 6: Professional Responsibility & Business Associations – 6/25, 10 am PST
Session 7: Community Property + Wills and Trusts – 7/2, 10 am PST
Session 8: Final Forecast – 7/11, 6 pm PST

All materials are provided, including model answers. Each session lasts approximately 3 hours and is held on Zoom. All classes are recorded, and you have access to them up to the bar exam.

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