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July 2024 Mastering the Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) | Recorded Lectures Pass


You can master every subject the bar examiners may send your way. We equip you to answer essay questions masterfully, despite the circumstances of an unfamiliar essay-writing exercise and taking the bar online. 

Through our Mastering the MEE course, you gain comprehensive MEE knowledge, developing both composition and issue-spotting in depth. The 8 sessions teach you everything you need to know, provide online-specific tactics for the UBE essays and help you feel confident walking into the exam. 

Every workshop session is recorded for your study and repeated review, this section includes all recorded access and is designed for studiers who are unable to attend the live zoom lectures.

What This Course Includes 

  • Subject Issue Checklists for Every Subject 
  • 8 workshop classes covering all subjects tested on the MEE 
  • Final Forecast Lecture 
  • Videos and Model Answers for all previously taught classes organized by topic so you can make sure you are covering all topics 

Skills This Course Covers 

How to Approach Any Bar Essay: we will cover the approach to writing passing bar essays, including issue spotting, essay structure, and writing analysis. 

Issue Spotting: we will discuss how to know what issues the bar examiners want you to address, how to use the facts, how to spot counterarguments, and how to know which issues are major and which issues are minor to maximize your score 

Essay Organization + Structure: learn how to write a perfectly structured bar essays and the various ways to organize any bar subject and topic 

Time Management: learn how to manage your time to actually finish bar exam essays

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Live Workshop Recordings ONLY included for upcoming July 2024 workshops.

All Classes uploaded within 24 hours of session.
Session 1: Intro + Civil Procedure by 5/27 end of day.
Session 2: Torts + Contracts by 6/3 end of day.
Session 3: Property + Evidence by 6/10 end of day.
Session 4: Criminal Law + Criminal Procedure by 6/18 end of day.
Session 5:  Constitutional Law + Business Associations by 6/24 end of day.
Session 6: Wills + Family Law by 7/1 end of day.
Session 7: Secured Transactions + Conflicts by 7/9 end of day.
Session 8: Final Forecast July 2024 by 7/17 end of day.