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Mastering the California PT | Recorded Lectures Pass


Take your online performance test with confidence.

Every workshop session is recorded for your study and repeated review, this is designed for students who cannot attend class live.

The recorded class differs from the live class only in that it is a recorded version of the live class and is uploaded to view within 48 hours of the live class.

This performance test workshop course will teach you everything you need to know to crush the performance test. Consisting of five workshops, you will learn how the examiners put the performance test together so you can effectively dissect it and write a masterful answer for any PT, whether it’s objective, persuasive, or anything else the examiners throw your way. We will also cover different organizational methods, analysis formulas, counterargument formulas, and templates for all common performance test tasks. 

Class One: Performance Test Approach 

We will lecture in-depth on the step-by-step process by which to attack any performance test the bar examiners can throw your way. This class teaches you the foundational skills required to pull apart a performance test, extract rules, how to organize your task, and how to complete a performance test on time. 

Class Two: Objective Performance Tests 

This class focuses on objective performance test tasks, such as objective memos and letters to a client. In this class, we build on class one, digging deeper into the performance test approach, practicing rule extraction, drafting rule proofs, and writing analysis. 

Class Three: Persuasive Performance Tests 

In class three, we will focus on persuasive performance test tasks, including briefs and letters to opposing counsel. We will continue to build on the skills from classes one and dig deeper into drafting analysis, including drafting counterarguments. We will also discuss the difference between a PT that is below passing, just passing, and high passing. 

Class Four: Performance Test Drills 

In this student favorite, students will be given 45 minutes to complete either steps 1-5 of the performance test process or steps 6-8. In this hands-on class that mimics the exam scenario of getting a performance test students are unfamiliar with and must complete 

Class Five: Oddball + Difficult Tasks 

In this class, we will review non-traditional types of tasks bar examinees may encounter, including closing arguments, drafting a will, drafting a contract provision, and PTs that don’t seem to make any sense. 

Includes Recordings ONLY from All Live Workshop Dates for the July 2024 Exam and all prior recordings.

This section is specifically designed for those who do not wish to attend the live version of Mastering the CA Performance Test

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Live Workshop Recording Postings for the July 2024 Exam 

All Classes uploaded within 24 hours of session.

Class 1: PT Approach by 6/1 end of day.
Class 2: Objective Tasks by 6/10 end of day.
Class 3: Persuasive Tasks by 6/21 end of day.
Class 4: Drills by 6/28 end of day.
Class 5: Other Tasks by 7/12 end of day.

All materials are provided, including model answers. Each session lasts approximately 3 hours. All classes are recorded, and you have access to them up to the bar exam.

The recording of each session will be uploaded in the 24 hours following the event.