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Graded Essays + Performance Tests


See your writing through a bar grader’s eyes, so you can boost your score.

Our faculty dissects every word you write, then tells you precisely how to improve your writing. No more of that generic, copy-and-paste, two-comments-per-essay nonsense. With BarMD, you get substantial feedback. Make lasting changes—and collect clever takeaways—as you learn from our grading of your practice essays + PTs.

Student feedback on our team’s grading skills:

The sentence by sentence feedback I received on my graded practice essays pointed out mistakes that I was making, causing me to lose valuable points, that I did not even realize I was making before BarMD pointed them out to me.

— Ashley F. (now Esq.)

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By purchasing Graded Essays + Performance Tests, you agree to adhere to assigned due dates for grading (All grading must be submitted no later than February 7, 2023).

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