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EssayRx | Our CA Bar Essay and Performance Test Database


Targeted Practice for Bar Essays 

If you’re feeling nervous about a specific subtopic, we’ve got you covered! With 30+ years of California Bar Essays in our database – more than we can find anywhere else – you can hone in on the subtopics you need to practice. 

All past California Bar Essays are organized by subject AND by topic within each subject so you can make sure you are not just doing torts essays; rather, you can ensure you are covering all tested topics within torts! From Breach of Contract to Negligence, our platform covers 330+ issues across over more than 300 real California Bar Essay questions. 

For every bar essay you will get the two selected answers released by the California Bar Examiners along with a BarMD issue checklist telling you which issues you needed to address to get a passing score. 

Plus, we include every past administered 90-minute CA Performance test organized by objective or persuasive task and type of specific task (memo, letter to client, etc.). 

Purchase EssayRx today and gain access for the duration of the bar cycle.

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