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EssayRx | Our CA Bar Essay and Performance Test Database


Targeted Practice for Your California Essays!

If you’re feeling nervous about a specific subtopic, we’ve got you covered!

With 30 years of California Bar essays—you can home in on the subtopics you need to practice.

From Breach (Contracts) to Negligence (Torts), our platform covers 330+ issues across 295 California essays. Inside EssayRx, you can work on every topic tested on the Cal Bar.

EssayRx, our extensive database of past bar exam essays, is easy to search—so you can dive right into a productive study session. Every essay question comes with a selected answer and an issue checklist. With these at your fingertips, you can hone your issue-spotting skills.

Purchase EssayRx today, and gain access for the duration of this bar cycle.

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