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CA Attorneys’ Exam Course


All the essay-writing skills, practice, and feedback you need—rolled into one intensive classroom course.

To ensure you remember everything you learn, we use time-tested memorization techniques—and teach you how to apply the law when you’re writing. You’ll walk away knowing how to outline and execute the perfect essay.

When grading your work, our staff (all practicing attorneys) dive into the details, making sure you receive at least two constructive comments per paragraph—not like at big-box prep companies, where you risk getting feedback “lite”.

What a student from our bar exam prep course said:

“After completing the BarMD course with Kate, I reread my July 2017 essays, and they are garbage compared to the essays I was writing during the BarMD course. Kate made me a better legal writer, not just for writing essays for the bar, but in general.” —​ Brendan R.

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What You Get

Attorneys’ Exam Light

  • In-person or on demand
  • 4 line-by-line graded written assignments
  • 6 skills-focused lectures
  • Substantive subject matter outlines + lectures
  • Model essay + performance test answers, checklists, and grading sheets

Attorneys’ Exam Classic

  • In-person or on demand
  • 15 line-by-line graded written assignments (including live-graded work)
  • 6 skills-focused lectures
  • 13 subject-dissection seminars
  • Graded, complete 1-day simulated CA Attorneys’ Exam
  • Substantive subject matter outlines + lectures
  • 2 one-on-one meetings with your Exam Specialist to address your unique needs
  • 2 “live-grade” sessions with your Exam Specialist to reveal any mistakes you’ve made—so you can fix them
  • Model essay + performance test answers, checklists, and grading sheets
  • Self-assessment, issue spotting, and more

Attorneys’ Exam Extreme

  • In-person or on demand
  • 25 line-by-line graded written assignments (including live-graded work)
  • Everything in the Attorneys’ Exam Classic course
  • 1 additional meeting with your Exam Specialist


Our in-person classes are always on weekends—because we know you have other things to do. And if you’re sick, or otherwise can’t make it, you can always learn online using our on demand lectures.

For specific dates for a particular bar exam season, email

Day 1: Bar-ology 101

First, we’ll take you inside the mind of the bar grader—and walk you through exactly how the bar exam is graded and what the bar exam score actually means. This is crucial: when you know how a bar grader thinks, you’re certain to get more points.

Then, we’ll show you how to arm yourself with every tool possible. Never outlined before? No problem, we’ll show you how. Don’t know how you’ll memorize all that information? We’ve got you covered. Day 1 starts you off on the right foot, so you cross that finish line.

Day 2: The Performance Test Panacea

Students think the performance test is intimidating. It’s not. We teach you how to master the closed-universe project that is the PT. From the order in which you read the materials—yes, it matters!—to the timing down to the minute, we’ll train you to crush the performance test and score every possible point. By the time you’re done, you’ll look forward to these 90-minute adventures.

Day 3: Essay Anatomy

No, you can’t just read a fact pattern and write an essay. You must know what goes where, and how to plan it out before you start writing. Like everything else, a well-planned essay is a strong essay. This class gives you the template you need to make sure the bar grader sees every single point you deserve. It also ensures you hit every goal, use every fact, and spot every issue. Using BarMD’s unique CRAMPTM essay-planning method, you’ll spend 25% of your time planning what you write, and 75% of your time writing the best possible essay.

Day 4: Analysis Antidotes

What is an inference—and why does it matter? How do I actually show the bar examiner that I know what the law is and how to apply it? We break these and other questions down and teach you the formula for success. By the time you walk out the door, you’ll be scoring higher on every practice essay. (Hint: your best tool is the word “because.”)

Day 5: Bar Exam Rehab

It’s crunch time. You’ll have already improved remarkably (and we’ll show every student how much progress they’ve made). Now, it’s time to hammer down on the skills you’ve still got room to work on. This class is specially designed to drill deep into your analysis, structure, and writing tools, to further refine them before test day.

One-on-one Attention

To ensure you’re making the right amount of progress, you get one-on-one sessions with your Exam Specialist. We’re with you every step of the way—so that no one slips through the cracks.

Subject Dissection Seminars

Take a deep dive into every subject area and dissect essay and MBE questions, so you can understand how to tackle everything you’ll see on the exam. Guided by BarMD’s expert faculty, these lectures are like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Substantive Lectures + Outlines

We give you everything you need to master the law. You’ll have access to online lectures conducted by our bar exam experts, as well as the most thorough, easiest-to-use outlines you’ve ever seen. We distill the law into clear, concise material that’s easy to digest—and even easier to memorize.

Full Simulated Exam

Before you walk into the bar, you’ll have already taken it. Our proctored, two-day bar simulation is designed to test all the skills we’ve taught you, and to identify any continuing areas for improvement. Take a full ride through the real bar exam, so when you walk in the door on test day, it’ll be routine. And yes, we score it!


We have in-person classes in Downtown San Diego and in Los Angeles. Locations vary by bar exam season. So email us at if you’d like to know the specific location for a specific bar exam season.

Or take the course purely online, from anywhere!