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CA Attorneys’ Exam Course


All the essay-writing skills, practice, and feedback you need—rolled into one intensive classroom course.

To ensure you remember everything you learn, we use time-tested memorization techniques—and teach you how to apply the law when you’re writing. You’ll walk away knowing how to outline and execute the perfect essay.

When grading your work, our staff (all practicing attorneys) dive into the details, making sure you receive at least two constructive comments per paragraph—not like at big-box prep companies, where you risk getting feedback “lite”.

What a student from our bar exam prep course said:

“After completing the BarMD course with Kate, I reread my July 2017 essays, and they are garbage compared to the essays I was writing during the BarMD course. Kate made me a better legal writer, not just for writing essays for the bar, but in general.” —​ Brendan R.

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