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CA Attorneys’ Exam Course | February 2023


All the writing skills, practice, and feedback you need—rolled into one intensive online course.

To ensure you remember everything you learn, we use time-tested memorization techniques—and teach you how to apply the law when you’re writing. You’ll walk away knowing how to outline and execute the perfect essay.

When grading your work, our faculty dives into the details, making sure you receive at least two constructive comments per paragraph—not like at big-box prep companies, where you risk getting feedback “lite.”


Coming Soon: Live Course Dates for the February 2023 CA Attorneys’ Exam

  • 11/28 — Official Start/Day 1
  • 11/29 — Live Class: The PT
  • 12/3  — Live Class: Essay Anatomy
  • 12/10 — Live Class: Essay Analysis
  • 2/4 – 2/5  — BarMD Mock Exam
  • 2/11  — Live Class: Bootcamp

Plus live essay + PT workshops.

All materials are provided, including model answers. Each session lasts approximately 3–4 hours and is held on Zoom. All classes are recorded, and you have access to them up to the bar exam.

This course is designed for attorneys already licensed to practice in another state and are qualified to sit for the CA Attorneys’ Exam. If you are not licensed in another state, you must take the CA Bar Review Course.

Pay upfront or request a monthly payment plan

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