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CA Bar Review Course | February 2023


This isn’t your ordinary, plug-and-play bar exam class.

BarMD uses scientifically proven memory-retention and skills-development techniques, specifically designed to ensure that students improve every day, and—more importantly—that they pass.

“BarMD was the best decision I ever made!” — Jhette D.

Every detail—down to the order in which you study each subject—has been carefully crafted to ensure maximum success. We don’t just give you the law, we teach you how to use it. And you’ll know you’re using it right because you’ll have the one-on-one attention from our faculty, who’ll spot and cure any problem areas.

“This program is simply the best in the business! If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would.” — Stephanie S.


Live Course Dates for the February 2023 CA Bar Exam

  • 11/28  — Official Start/Day 1
  • 11/29 — Live Class: MBE DNA
  • 12/3 — Live Class: The PT
  • 12/10 — Live Class: Essay Anatomy
  • 12/17 — Live Class: Essay Analysis
  • 2/4 – 2/5 — BarMD Mock Exam
  • 2/11 — Live Class: Bootcamp

Plus live essay + PT workshops.

All materials are provided, including model answers. Each session lasts approximately 3–4 hours and is held on Zoom. All classes are recorded, and you have access to them up to the bar exam.

Pay upfront or request a monthly payment plan

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