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Achieve peak performance on your PT.

With our live 5-part PT course, you unlock a step-by-step process that makes passing simple—whether you’re taking the MPT or the performance test for the California Bar. We help you get in the minds of the PT drafters, so you can flex with any task they throw at you.

Learn exactly how to approach the California Bar’s PT or Multistate Performance Test.


Praise for BarMD

“EYE-OPENING. I’ve slogged through Themis lectures and practiced on my own, but I never felt like I had a strategy for writing the PT. Maureen shows you THE FORMULA. She is succint, methodical, organized, and communicative. Seriously. I feel like I got a cheat code. She’s that good.”

Katherine T.

Condition for your Performance Test with our powerful strategies, formulas + drills.


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Just Launched: EssayRx, Your Issue-Spotting Resource

EssayRx, our database of past California Bar essays, is now available. Complete your knowledge with an issue checklist + selected answer accompanying each CA Bar essay inside. Now includes all administered CA 90 min Performance Tests!

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Develop a robust, reliable strategy for your performance test.

Equip yourself with this targeted-and-thorough course. In these live workshops, you strengthen your MPT or California PT skills—with zero fluff or wasted time.

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