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Our Seasoned Faculty

David Greco

David G. Greco, Esq.

CEO | In-house Counsel

During law school, Greco served as a teaching assistant for Civil Procedure I and Advanced Legal Writing, his school’s most rigorous writing course, in which he earned a High Honors designation and its Best Writing award. Greco continued as a volunteer writing teaching assistant after graduation and became a private tutor for bar examinees and law students. Learn More

Maureen Macmanus

Maureen D. MacManus, Esq.

President | Director of Academics

Professor MacManus has spent her life tutoring students, beginning in elementary school. After law school, she continued to volunteer as a USD teaching assistant for Advanced Legal Writing and privately tutored students who had failed the California Bar Exam, diagnosing writing weaknesses and helping students develop their writing skills. Learn More

Kate Bolus

Kate Bolus, Esq.


Professor Kathleen (“Kate”) Bolus received her Bachelor’s Degree (magna cum laude) from the University of California, San Diego, and her Juris Doctor from UCLA School of Law. Professor Bolus has spent the last several years as an Associate Director of Academic Success and Adjunct Professor of Law at a San Diego law school. Learn More


``I cannot believe what a difference using BarMD has made. David made the process enjoyable, which I did not think was possible! The second time I took the bar, all I wanted was to go in feeling more confident, believe in myself, and to understand more of the law. I got all three of those things from David and BarMD. I'm so thankful!``- Monique R.
``Maureen gave great essay feedback (how to be concise, how to use ``because,`` how to connect the elements of a claim to the facts). Also she is very positive and reinforcing. She knows we all have burn-out days every now and then, and she reminds you that is normal!``- Caroline E.
``After completing the BarMD course with Kate, I reread my July 2017 essays, and they are garbage compared to the essays I was writing during the BarMD course. Kate made me a better legal writer, not just for writing essays for the bar, but in general.``- Brendan R.

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Work with real people. Get real results.