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Our Seasoned Faculty

David Greco

David G. Greco, Esq.

CEO | In-house Counsel

During law school, Greco served as a teaching assistant for Civil Procedure I and Advanced Legal Writing, his school’s most rigorous writing course, in which he earned a High Honors designation and its Best Writing award. Greco continued as a volunteer writing teaching assistant after graduation and became a private tutor for bar examinees and law students. 
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Maureen Macmanus

Maureen D. MacManus, Esq.

President | Director of Academics

Professor MacManus has spent her life tutoring students, beginning in elementary school. After law school, she continued to volunteer as a USD teaching assistant for Advanced Legal Writing and privately tutored students who had failed the California Bar Exam, diagnosing writing weaknesses and helping students develop their writing skills.
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``I cannot believe what a difference using BarMD has made. David made the process enjoyable, which I did not think was possible! The second time I took the bar, all I wanted was to go in feeling more confident, believe in myself, and to understand more of the law. I got all three of those things from David and BarMD. I'm so thankful!``- Monique R.
``Maureen gave great essay feedback (how to be concise, how to use ``because,`` how to connect the elements of a claim to the facts). Also she is very positive and reinforcing. She knows we all have burn-out days every now and then, and she reminds you that is normal!``- Caroline E.
``After completing the BarMD course with Kate, I reread my July 2017 essays, and they are garbage compared to the essays I was writing during the BarMD course. Kate made me a better legal writer, not just for writing essays for the bar, but in general.``- Brendan R.

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Work with real people. Get real results.