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We break down the MBE like no other bar prep company.

“I went into the July 2018 bar exam feeling the most confident I have ever felt. On both the July 2017 and February 2018 bar exams I ran out of time and had to either leave MBE bubbles blank or randomly guess. On the July 2018 MBE, I was able to answer every single question.”

— 3x-Retaker turned Attorney

Why take MBE DNA?

Rigorous MBE Practice Questions

With 1,300+ questions in our arsenal, the majority comes from the NCBE. Plus, our experts develop new content constantly.

Using exclusive content + real MBE questions, you’ll be prepared when you sit for the bar.

Concise Explanations

You focus only on what matters.

As you work through our MBE sample questions, the answers—and the reasoning behind them—is straightforward.

8 In-Depth Lectures

Flashcards alone might not cut it.

That’s why you get lectures that walk you through Multistate Bar Exam questions one-by-one, for each of the 7 core topics—along with a lecture on overarching strategies.

Conquer MBE Questions, Topic by Topic

Because we break questions down into 7 topic categories, you learn howdifferent topics are tested—issue-spotting strategies included.
You also master “distractors” (those enticing facts that test-writers use to throw you off the scent) and understand the answer-choice patterns—for every topic.
  • Evidence
  • Civil Procedure
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contracts + Sales
  • Criminal Law + Procedure
  • Real Property
  • Torts

Process-Driven Lectures + Hardcopy Flashcards

Get the MBE prep course to develop your understanding, thought process, and mastery.

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MBE DNA Program

$649 (normally $999!)
  • Real MBE questions by topic (with topic-specific strategies)
  • Hardcopy format flashcards
  • Proven MBE rules developed using real MBE questions
  • Revolutionary MBE journaling program—a BarMD exclusive we use in our Bar Courses
  • 1 comprehensive online video lecture on how to approach MBE questions
  • 7 rigorous online lectures that break down MBE questions from each subject, step-by-step
  • Get this program for $0
    when you take our CA Bar Exam Classic or Extreme Course

“Formulated to help both first-time test-takers and repeaters, MBE DNA zeroes in on exactly what you need to know—with zero fluff.”

— Maureen MacManus, Esq., President – Director of Acedemics

Ready for real MBE mastery?

Learn from experienced faculty who are proven MBE experts and trusted teachers.

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