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Reach your full potential as a law student.

When you work one on one with a tutor, your law school performance can skyrocket. Whether you need help with time management, test anxiety, organization, substance, or any other obstacle, our faculty is ready to assist you.

Tailor-Made Lessons

Get individualized attention for whichever areas you struggle in. We’ll prepare lessons tailored to your needs—and work through your problems with you.

Detailed Grading

Understand how to improve your writing, and make the changes you need to ace the exam, memo, or appellate brief. We pay close attention to detail, and that’s something other law school tutors can’t provide.

One-on-One Tutoring

Work closely with a seasoned attorney to achieve more in law school. Our faculty members have the experience and time-tested strategies to help you realize your goals.

Our experienced staff can help you with:

  • Legal Research & Writing
  • Torts & Contracts
  • Criminal Law
  • Property
  • Evidence
  • Civil Procedure
  • Constitutional Law I & II
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Exam Prep
  • Time Management
  • Outlining & Study Methods
  • Note Taking
  • Case Analysis
  • School-Life Balance
  • And More

“We engage with our students at a depth that supports their success across their entire law career. BarMD students learn to write, argue, and reason in a way that only customized coaching can foster.”

— Kate Bolus, Esq., Faculty Partner @ BarMD

“We got my writing sample in such great shape that I got my dream summer internship. And I felt way more comfortable going into my final exams. My tutor was so great, I’m already planning to sign up for BarMD’s bar exam course when I graduate in two years.”

— C. K.

Monthly Payment Plans to Fit Your Budget

Order Total How Many Months
Over $999 2 months
Over $1,999 3 months
Over $2,999 4 months
Over $3,999 5 months
Over $4,999 6 months

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