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Use EssayRx, our bar essay platform, to sharpen your issue-spotting skills and increase your confidence. Featuring all subtopics across every topic tested, EssayRx lets you search by the issue you’d like to practice. Each essay comes with a selected answer + issue checklist, so you know what to address to pass.
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  • Pleadings (Civil Procedure)
  • Hearsay (Evidence)
  • Negligence (Torts)
  • Breach (Contracts)
  • Ultra Vires Act (Corporations)
  • Duty of Loyalty (Professional Responsibility)
  • Free Speech (Constitutional Law)
  • Warrants (Criminal Procedure)
  • Landlord-Tenant (Property)
  • Debt (Community Property)
  • Barring Beneficiaries (Wills)
  • …and many more (330+ total)

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  • Issue checklists for each essay, so you can see whether you hit the mark
  • Selected answers from the Cal Bar
  • All tested topics included—so you can leave no stone unturned
  • 330+ subtopics that are searchable, to make your practice more efficient
  • 30 years of past California Bar essays, totalling 295 essays (UBE essays coming soon!)

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