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“BarMD added the personal touch I was missing . . . BarMD helped me feel confident in myself and in my writing abilities. I persisted. And I passed the bar on my 4th attempt.”

— 4x-Retaker turned Attorney

Attend a live course or learn online.

Perfect your bar writing in our Southern California classrooms—or over the internet.

Our complete program covers the big picture and the small details—from essay structure to word choice—and everything in between.

Improve with thorough grading.

Receive the meticulous feedback you need to boost your score.

Our essay-grading is so detailed that big-box prep companies simply can’t compete. We work with you no matter where you are in the U.S.

Learn under a lawyer’s tutelage.

Gain confidence when you work one-on-one with a successful attorney to hone your essay + performance test skills.

At BarMD, our staff puts you on the fast track to passing.


Work 1-on-1 with your Bar Exam Specialist to master:

  • Writing
  • Analysis
  • Performance Tests
  • Structure & Rules
  • Practical Strategies
  • Exam-Life Balance
  • The MBE
  • …and more
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With the right package, you can get the remedy you need.

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Bar Exam Light

  • Designed for students who desire materials without one-on-one assistance
  • 5 in-depth lectures covering all skills required for the MBE, PT, and essays
  • Substantive outlines for all subjects
  • Model answers for all assigned essays
  • 5 performance test workshops
  • 6 essay workshops, covering all subjects tested on the CA bar essays
  • Simulated CA Bar Exam materials
  • Daily schedule to guide your self-directed studying
  • MBE DNA, our revolutionary MBE program

Bar Exam Classic

  • Our most popular course option
  • Everything in the Bar Exam Light package
  • 10 line-by-line graded assignments, including a complete, graded, simulated bar exam as one of them
  • 3 one-on-one meetings with your assigned faculty member to address your unique needs
  • Weekly office hours available with our Founder, Maureen MacManus
  • 20+ additional essay-breakdown videos

Bar Exam Extreme

  • Created for students who seek an even more personalized experience
  • Everything in the Bar Exam Classic package
  • 10 additional line-by-line graded assignments, for a total of 20
  • 10 hours of one-on-one tutoring with our Founder, Maureen MacManus

Ready for real bar prep course results?

Learn from experienced faculty who offer seasoned counsel—and really get to know you.

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